VARNA (Bulgaria)

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Varna in Bulgaria on the Black Sea with its wonders.

VARNA foto. Il viale princpale

The main pedestrian street of Varna

Il trenino della spiaggia. VARNA foto

The shuttle train that runs along the beach of Varna

Nel museo dedicato al cirillico

In the museum dedicated to the Cyrillic

Particolare della spiaggia di Varna. Foto

Detail of the Varna beach

Io con un moderno mezzo di trasporto

Me with a modern means of transport

I bagnanti sono in acqua

Bathers are in the water

Lui è di casa

He is at home

Una splendida farfalla

A beautiful butterfly

Un raduno di aquiloni lungo la costa

A gathering of kites along the coast

We show you where you can make one-day itineraries over 7 days. Of course by car, as many of the attractions to visit are located several kilometers from Varna.

On this trip we will visit enchanting places rich in history and adventure.
The old city of Nesebar, the Knight carved in the rock, the rock formations, the petrified forest, the boat trip on the lagoon are some places of this wonderful trip suitable for the whole family.
A week to discover many attractions that you won’t forget.
The advice is to stay overnight in the surroundings of Varna starting point of various destinations.

Have we stimulated your curiosity? Enjoy your stay in Bulgaria!

Varna in Bulgaria: the map
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Old Nesebar and Sunny Beach
Wonderful Rocks and Ovech
The Knight of Madara and Pliska
Petrified forest – Historical Park
Yaylata Archeological Reserve
Kamchiya Lagoon and Park
VARNA photo gallery

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