Camogli in winter, but not only (Italy)

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This is a guide from Camogli in winter, but useful throughout the year.

This tour guide will give you the opportunity to appreciate Camogli (Italy) and its surroundings even in winter.

Camogli in winter (Liguria)

Camogli attracts even in this calm period, when tourists are less numerous than the rest of the year. The warmth of the Ligurian Sea bewitches you even in this season when the beaches are semi-deserted and savour peace around you. There are hotels where to stay, and restaurants and bars are open. The seafront of Via Garibaldi is ideal for a quiet stroll, between the shops on one side and the sea, and the splendid panorama on the Mount of Portofino on the other side.

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A week on foot and by public transport

Let us surprise with a nice walk starting from Camogli towards Recco, a city with many excellent restaurants. Where we can taste the famous “Focaccia di Recco”. From Recco, you can continue to Nervi, with the most loved seafront by the Genoese people. The walking path is a bit too long, so it is better to take the train or bus to Recco and enjoy the sea view from the window.

The Italian Riviera is now!

Anyone wishing to undertake a more demanding excursion can wear a pair of hiking shoes and take the mule track that goes up from Camogli to the village of San Rocco. From here you can continue going up the Mount of Portofino and follow one of the 80 kilometres of paths. One of the most scenic routes, but also more challenging, is that from San Rocco to the village of San Fruttuoso di Capodimonte, with its ancient Abbey. The walk takes about three hours and is only for experienced hikers.

Those who want something quieter, can take the bus to Santa Margherita Ligure and from there take the romantic walk along the sea that leads to Portofino.

Also by bus, a visit to Rapallo, with its ancient castle on the sea and the Thursday morning market is worth. From Rapallo it is possible to climb to the Sanctuary of Montallegro using the cableway, the only one in Liguria.

Camogli map

How to reach Camogli

How to reach Camogli? The best arrive by train, but for those arriving by car we recommend: Take the A12 motorway, take the exit Recco and follow the signs to Camogli. Driving towards the centerContinue reading…

Let’s go to Recco

Let’s go to Recco to taste his famous focaccia. Easily reachable on foot from Camogli, Recco is located in a small bay with the colours of the Paradise Gulf.A town badly damaged during the SecondContinue reading…

Nervi, the Anita Garibaldi Walk

Beautiful trip to Nervi, to walk the Anita Garibaldi promenade. An itinerary of great charm, suspended between the land and the sea. From Camogli you can reach Recco by bus or on foot in 20Continue reading…

San Fruttuoso (Abbey)

We suggest an excursion to the Abbey of San Fruttuoso (Italy), starting from Camogli and passing through San Rocco. In the Park of Portofino there are 80 kilometres of trails that can be walked andContinue reading…

Santa Margherita Ligure to see

Santa Margherita Ligure is a tourist resort in the Gulf of Tigullio, between Rapallo and Portofino. With its port, its long palm-lined avenue, its hotels and its mild climate, it retains its charm unaltered evenContinue reading…

Portofino and surroundings

It is pleasant to explore Portofino and its surroundings. Sea and sun, but not only, because even in winter Portofino knows how to steal your heart with its evocative village.From the famous Piazzetta frequented byContinue reading…

Rapallo historic center

To reach the historic center of Rapallo, take the bus from Camogli to Ruta, then change and take the one for Rapallo.During the journey you can see how the landscape changes and the succession ofContinue reading…

The typical Ligurian cuisine

The typical Ligurian cuisine are a good example of the increasingly renowned “Mediterranean diet menu”. This is mainly due to the ingredients that become part of the recipes. Very simple products, obtained mainly from theContinue reading…

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