Edinburgh, points of interest

Edinburgh, points of interest – And after so many castles, the Scottish National Gallery in Edinburgh (free of charge) is to be seen.

Scottish National Gallery

Edinburgh, points of interest

You will have the chance to admire the copy of Antonio Canova’s “The Three Graces” the Duke of Bedford commissioned the artist himself, in order to display it in his English home.

Beautiful paintings, amongst many others, by Botticelli, Raphael, Titian, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Constable, Turner, Monet, Van Gogh and Gauguin as well as by a large number of Scottish painters are on display.

Edinburgh, points of interest

Take a stroll through the narrow streets of this grey but fascinating town and wander around the closes (small alleys ending up in courtyards) in the Old Town.

Edinburgh, points of interest - Oldest pub

Edinburgh is a young and lively town, especially in the summer, which is enlivened by a large number of festivals. During the month of August, Edinburgh is home to the International Festival of performing arts (the largest in the world) as well as to the Fringe Festival. (An alternative festival featuring myriad of artstic events all over the town).

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