MALTA images gallery

In this images gallery of Malta we want to show you some pictures that despite being beautiful were not representative for the itinerary. It would have been a shame not to publish them.

Explore and visit the Isle of Malta

By means of this online travel guide “Explore and visit the Isle of Malta”. We would like to introduce you to this one-of-a-kind island, whose honey-coloured limestone makes beautiful and enchanting.

This wonderful place we visited for the first time three years ago: we were so fascinated that we decided to go back to visit the places still unknown to us. We all present them to you!


MALTA  photo gallery 1
Marsaxlokk with the picturesque fishing boats.
MALTA  photo gallery 2
A luxurious residential home.
MALTA  photo gallery
At the Chinese Garden
Me in the Chinese garden
The fishermen of Marsaxlokk
View from Valletta
View from Valletta
swordfish on the grill
Tasty dishes: grilled swordfish
MALTA  photo gallery 7
The new Parliament in Valletta, designed by Renzo Piano
The fantastic cliffs of Dingli.St. Peter’s Pool, view.
MALTA  photo gallery 9
St. Peter’s Pool, view.