Malta size and photo gallery

Malta is located 80 km south of Sicily. With an extension of 300 km² it is one of the smallest and most densely populated states in the world.
Its capital is Valletta and has 360,000 inhabitants.
The official languages are Maltese and English.

MALTA photo galleryWe have been twice on this island rich in history.
With these online directions we present 7 daily itineraries that we have created for you.
Incredible: these are itineraries that you can make with public buses in complete autonomy.

We just have to wish you happy reading and happy holidays!

MALTA  photo gallery 1

Marsaxlokk with the picturesque fishing boats.

MALTA  photo gallery 2

A luxurious residential home.

MALTA  photo gallery

At the Chinese Garden

Me in the Chinese garden

The fishermen of Marsaxlokk

View from Valletta

View from Valletta

swordfish on the grill

Tasty dishes: grilled swordfish

MALTA  photo gallery 7

The new Parliament in Valletta, designed by Renzo Piano


The fantastic cliffs of Dingli.St. Peter’s Pool, view.

MALTA  photo gallery 9

St. Peter’s Pool, view.

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