Malta tourism: itinerary map

Malta tourism. This is our Malta’s itinerary map.

Mappa itinerario a Malta


Everybody speaks English as a second language and many speak Italian, too.

Left-hand traffic and truly chaotic roads are a good reason to travel by bus.

The “Tallinja Card Explore” offers unlimited journeys for seven days on any bus route for € 21.

The central bus station is in Valletta, just outside the City Gate: you can find the buses for closer destinations near the fountain; those reaching more distant places are just round the corner.

That’s the reason why we advise you to find an accomodation not far from the capital.

The plug and socket system is British so those of you who do not live in the UK ought to buy an adaptor, which you can get hold of in hardware stores or even at a chemist’s.

Most museums are closed on Sundays so you’d better enquire beforehand.

Some Maltese dishes you must try

Il-Stuffat tal-Fenek (stewed wild rabbit) is by all means Malta’s national dish. Bigilla is a fava beans or beans cream to be savoured as a snack. Pastizz, instead – a crunchy phyllo dough crescent – is the ultimate street food: you can choose either a ricotta cheese or pea purée stuffing or even a filling of minced pork meat.

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