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Southern Brittany map (France) : here’s the programme of the itinerary we suggest you in our free online guide.

During this tour of South Brittany, we recommend you spend the night in the places we have chosen, for practicality’s sake.

Brittany airportNantes airport offers the best flights.

Southern Brittany is a region where the weather is favorable in summer.

South coast map of Brittany

brittany map

1st day
Arrival at Nantes airport

Pornic is a seaside resort

The historic village of Kerhinet can be visited either on the outward or the inward journey according to the time of your landing.

Overnight stay at Pornic.

2nd day

Terre De Sel

Isle of Gavrinis

Vannes medieval town

Overnight stay around Vannes.

3rd day

 Megalithic site of Locmariaquer

Chapel of Saint-Philibert

Carnac megaliths

Overnight stay around Vannes.

4th day


Ville Close of Concarneau


Overnight stay around Quimper.

 5th day


 Chapel of Sainte-Marie-du-Ménez-Hom Ménez-Hom

Pentrez beach


Overnight stay around Quimper.

6th day

Pointe de Raz

The Aquashow

Cidrerie Kerne

Musée la Maison Hénaff

Pointe de la Torche

Brittany guide: Guilvinec

Overnight stay around Quimper.

7th day

Le Faouët (Morbihan)


Overnight stay around Vannes.

8th day
Back to Nantes airport.

Mouth of the Loire River
Places to visit in Brittany
Megalithic structures
Paul Gauguin in Pont Aven
Locronan (Brittany guide)
A port in Brittany
The countryside
Southern Brittany map
Brittany photo gallery

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