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ROVANIEMI (Lapland) photo gallery – It is not true that there is only Santa Claus in Rovaniemi. There are many other things you can do. We will show you all the things you can see without spending too much on this Rovaniemi and surrounding online guide.

Our guide is also complemented by many tips on Lapland and the Arctic countries in general. For example as an afre to see the Aurora Borealis.

ROVANIEMI (Lapland) - Ranua zoo

In Ranua you will find only polar animals.

ROVANIEMI (Lapland) - Road in Rovaniemi

The roads are “very clean” and in any case all the vehicles are equipped with spiked tires.

ROVANIEMI (Lapland) - A ride with the reindeer

A ride with the reindeer in Rovaniemi you have to do it, we will show you where.

Here's a reindeer puppy.

Here’s a reindeer puppy, cute, right?

The reindeer

The reindeer are however semi-wild animals.

A tour of the Rovaniemi

A tour of the Rovaniemi shops is essential!

The polar night.

The polar night. Fascinating, just allow yourself to be surprised.

This is a white bear

Yes, this is a white bear at the Ranua zoo.


Would you please give me an ice cube?

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