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Pointe du Raz

A port in Brittany.

Suspended between steep, white cliffs and an emerald-green sea.

“La Pointe du Raz” is an impressive scenic spot, whose breathtaking view over the ” ĂŽle-de-Sein” can offer unforgettable moments. Beaten by the winds, its pure coast and wild beauty makes you feel at the edge of the world.

Just opposite, stands out the square-shaped lighthouse “De la Vieille”, automatized in 1995. Classified as “Grand Site Nationale” and thus a strictly protected area, the access is regulated by a toll parking lot. The path is marked and secured all along the edge bordering the cliffs. A unique place of its kind.

The Aquashow


The Aquashow – a 15-min. drive east of Pointe de Raz, on the D784 – is an attraction not to be missed.

Described in detail in the leaflet you are handed at the entrance, it hosts large basins with all kinds of fish.

On the outside, different bird species can be admired in a number of aviaries. Young and old can enjoy a 45-min. bird show which takes places three times a day (11:45, 15:15, 17:15 till Sept. 30th).

The restaurant provides good food for lunch breaks.

Cidrerie Kerné

A port in Brittany. Cidrerie kerne.

Drive south on the D784 for another 15 minutes.

 At Pouldreuzic, you can find find the true French cider in this nice, welcoming shop.

You’ll be able to taste an excellent selection of ciders: from the sweet to the semi-sweet or brut and, naturally, apple juice. Other local products are on sale here.

Museum “La Maison HĂ©naff”

A port in Brittany. Museum "La Maison HĂ©naff".

At Pouldreuzic, you’ll also find the canning plant and the museum of HĂ©naff pork pâtĂ© (11 a.m.-6 p.m Mon-Sat from July to mid-Sept.).

This Breton business can count on 100 years of history, spanning three generations.

The museum explains the homemade processing of this local delicacy; on the premises, a shop where other HĂ©naff products can be purchased.

Pointe de la Torche

A port in Brittany. Pointe de la Torche.

The “Pointe de la Torche”, a promontory projecting into the ocean, is a hot spot for surfers, since it’s often quite very windy.

The long sandy beach, which seems to be stretching as far as the eye can see, is very popular with tourists.

A true paradise, a wild spot with its charm.

A port in Brittany: Guilvinec


Le Guilvinec, the largest French harbour for traditional fishing, faces the ocean and can boast Brittany’s most picturesque port.

At around 4:00 in the afternoon (from Monday to Friday), you can witness the return of a large fleet of small and large trawlers full of their daily catch.

It’s a show not to be missed: these multicoloured fishing boats, followed by flocks of greedy seagulls shrieking loudly will fascinate you.

The fish is unloaded, cleaned from its entrails and auctioned – All this Monday to Friday.

In the local museum (entrance fee € 7) you will be told the life and the story of Breton fishermen and will be given access to the large terrace, a vantage point to admire the boats entering the port.

Along this port in Brittany, shops, crêperies and caféterias.

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