Kamchiya Lagoon and Primorski Park

Kamchiya Lagoon is located 30 minutes from Varna. This is an experience not to be missed! A pleasant cruise on small or medium-sized boats along the river with trees on both sides immersed in water give the impression of being in the jungle. The reserve is 40 km long, extending along the forest to the mouth of the river. If you are lucky you can see small turtles swimming in the river.

Laguna di Kamchiya
La Laguna di Kamchiya si trova a 30 minuti da Varna.

Ancient Byala fortress

30 minutes from the lagoon, a jump in time to the ancient fortress of Byala. It stands on ruins of other settlements and is very well restored. Numerous jars emerge from the ground where wine was produced and there are also some ovens  where ceramics used to be made. You will find the basilica, a mural that depicts the life of those times and the lighthouse overlooking the sea.

Byala antica fortezza

Primorski park in Varna

Back to Varna to visit the Primorski park. The park extends for 4 km and runs along the Varna beach. It is accessed from the main street of Varna and it’s a pleasure to walk there as it is well kept. You will find playgrounds for children, tennis courts, football, miniature golf and a dinosaur park. The park is much appreciated by families, joggers and bikers. A central avenue with flowers of a thousand colours is a delight for the soul.

Parco Primorski a Varna

Golden Sands

For those who love the beach and the sea, Golden Sands is a fantastic place to spend your holidays.

We recommend that you stay in:
VARNA if you’re staying for a few days.
GOLDEN SANDS during the summer season and if you have a rental car.

Sabbie d'Oro, localitĂ  turistica sul Mar Nero

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