Rovaniemi (Lapland)

7 destinations for 7 unforgettable and alternative days in Rovaniemi (Lapland)


Rovaniemi is not just a place for visiting Santa, but there are other things to see.
Visiting the modern museum about Lapland “Arktikum” let yourself be transported in the life of the past.
Or visit the reindeer farm, where there is the possibility of being dragged along a pathway sitting on the sled.
Do not miss a visit to the Ranua Zoo, where only Arctic animals are found.

You will find many other useful tips in the online guide below.

This is the Rovaniemi Tourist Board (Lapland)


Rovaniemi is a tourist and university city.
It has about 60,000 inhabitants.
It is structured with modern palaces (almost completely destroyed by bombing during the Second World War).
On the outskirts an immense expanse of trees and ponds with some houses here and there.


At school the Finns learn Swedish as a second language, only afterwards English. Therefore all speak a well-timed English, understandable even to those who chews English only a little.


Domestic flights (apart from charter flights) are subject to the “Finnair” national carrier, and all flights have a stopover in Helsinki.

So if you stop in Helsinki and you have time available before taking the next flight, go and visit the city.
There are free buses with the words”Finnair City Bus”. The route takes about 20 minutes. A short itinerary of 2-3 hours will be described later.


Helsinki, a short walking tour of 2-3 hours As anticipated, there are free “Finnair City Bus” buses which depart from the airport to the center (about 20 minutes). We’ll therefore take advantage of the intermediateContinue reading…


Arktikum, modern museum about Lapland The visit is recommended if outside the weather is unstable. Located in the city, in a large modern building adjacent to the university, frequented by many foreign students. This interactiveContinue reading…

The Syvasenvaara Fell

The Syvasenvaara Fell, the hidden tower in Rovaniemi … from which you can see the immense! AT THE TOWER (Syvasenvaara Fell) Park your car at the “Santa Park” where the “Arctic Tree House” hotel is located. WeContinue reading…

The Memorial (German Soldier’s Cemetery)

The Memorial (German Soldier’s Cemetery), dedicated to German soldiers, who died during the Second World War. (Atrocious madness of a dictator who has caused the death of millions of people). We take the road thatContinue reading…

The farm of reindeer

At the farm of reindeer – Approximately 7 kilometers north of Rovaniemi along the road to Sinetta is the “Poro Farmi” farm. Being in transit we stopped and made an appointment for the next day,Continue reading…

The hiking area of Vaattunkiköngäs

The hiking area of Vaattunkiköngäs consists of a dense network of well-marked trails, reduced in the winter months. About 20 km from the Rovaniemi towards Vikajarvi this area is ideal for summer activities. With itsContinue reading…

At the Ranua Zoo

At the Ranua Zoo. Comment, beautiful! Not to be missed, as different and unique in its kind! Here arctic animals of every race are found, saved and healed, victims of road accidents. They live inContinue reading…

Best time for Northern Lights in Lapland

Best time for the Northern Lights in Lapland (Rovaniemi) Nothing is more “simple”! The farther north you go beyond the Arctic Circle, the more you can see it. Solar storms, geomagnetic fields, wind speeds andContinue reading…

Where to stay in Rovaniemi

Where to stay in Rovaniemi, for 2 -3 days or for a week FOR 2 – 3 NIGHTS: If you want a fast-santa-and-flee the best option is to stay at the “Santa Klaus Village“. ROVANIEMIContinue reading…

Where to eat in Rovaniemi

Where to eat in Rovaniemi? Finns accompany meals with beer or milk. They consume a lot of meat (with a bit of ‘luck you also find the bear steak). Try the delicious “lohikeitto” salmon soup.Continue reading…

How to dress in Lapland

How to dress in Lapland? Clothing for cold times (Rovaniemi) Cover head and ears well with a wool cap. Gloves with Thinsulate (product that isolates very well from the cold). Ideal for climbing, they coverContinue reading…

To keep in mind

Keep in mind that for Christmas all facilities are immensely more expensive than the rest of the year. It is advisable to reserve well in advance, several months before or even the previous year. ChristmasContinue reading…