The Ligurian coast from Rapallo to Nervi

A week along the Ligurian coast on foot and with public means of transport

The Ligurian coast from Rapallo to Nervi.

This tourist guide will allow you to fully appreciate beautiful Ligurian Riviera from Rapallo to Nervi.
This area, washed by the Mediterranean Coast, enjoys a warm but pleasantly dry climate during the summer.
When in Rapallo we won’t be visiting just the city centre; we’ll then reach Santa Margherita’s seafront on foot, with its churches and its shops.
We’ll move on to Portofino, down to the poshy “piazzetta” and the colorful bunch of houses all around, then up to Castello Brown.
Picturesque Camogli will welcome us with its multicolored houses facing the sea and tiny San Fruttuoso with its Abbey.
In Recco, we’ll give us a treat with the mythical focaccia, while in Nervi we’ll enjoy the promenade along the cliffs.

This is the map of the Ligurian coast that we are going to visit:

Liguria Map

The Ligurian coast from Rapallo to Nervi. Map. Portofino.

Rapallo (Italy)

In the historic center of Rapallo (Italy) You can visit with its many shops and the ancient Rapallo castle on the sea. Being a pedestrian area, the visit is pleasant and relaxing. A visit toContinue reading…

Santa Margherita Ligure

Santa Margherita Ligure is a tourist resort in the Gulf of Tigullio, between Rapallo and Portofino. Beautiful, with its port, its long avenue lined with palm trees, its hotels and its mild climate, and itsContinue reading…

Portofino (Italy)

It is pleasant to explore Portofino (Italy) and its surroundings. From the famous Piazzetta frequented by the international jet set, a small road leaves across the peninsula, passes next to the Church of San GiorgioContinue reading…

Camogli (Liguria)

One of a kind Camogli (liguria) lies on a series of successive terraces unrolling along a steep slope towards the sea view. On leaving the main road, you’ll find a few parking places on theContinue reading…

San Fruttuoso (Abbey)

We suggest an excursion to the Abbey of San Fruttuoso (Abbey), starting from Camogli and passing through San Rocco. In the Park of Portofino there are 80 kilometres of trails that can be walked andContinue reading…

Let’s go to Recco (Liguria)

Let’s go to Recco (Liguria) to taste his famous focaccia. Recco is located in a small bay with the colours of the Paradise Gulf. A town badly damaged during the Second World War, it wasContinue reading…

Anita Garibaldi Walk

Beautiful trip to Nervi, to walk the Anita Garibaldi promenade. An itinerary of great charm, suspended between the land and the sea. The walk dedicated to Anita Garibaldi, runs over the cliff. The route stretchesContinue reading…

Ligurian dishes

The typical Ligurian dishes are a good example of the increasingly renowned “Mediterranean diet”. This is mainly due to the ingredients that become part of the recipes. Very simple products, obtained mainly from the cultivationContinue reading…