To keep in mind

To keep in mind

Keep in mind that for Christmas all facilities are immensely more expensive than the rest of the year.

It is advisable to reserve well in advance, several months before or even the previous year.

Christmas decorations go on throughout the winter, if you go for carnival you will still find Santa Claus waiting for you.

Fun gifts to take home to friends can be found everywhere, very popular wool socks for adults and children with imprinted elks, reindeers, bears, etc …

A special delicacy is the licorice candy “reindeer poo “ format, found only at the reception shop in the village of Santa Claus in Rovaniemi.

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To keep in mind

Not included in this route guide, snowmobile tours,
with huskies, ice fishing, etc … as well as the “Santa Klaus Village” because all the information can be found on all the portals.

These are the most well known:

Arctic Circle Information

Rovaniemi Tourist Board


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