Transylvania is a country to be discovered in Romania

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The mysterious Transylvania is is a country in the middle of Romania. This mysterious region is well worth a visit for the bounty of beauties it holds: its colourful autumn countryside, its picturesque villages clinging to the hillsides, its small towns with their wide squares, its marketplaces and – last but not least – its castles telling of the past.

Mysterious Transylvania (Romania)

The Carpathians, the mountain range surrounding the whole Region, are the natural frame to this beautiful land.
We were there in the autumn but its wonders will strike you any time of the year.
You can get plenty of good, healthy food anywhere at a surprisingly moderate price.
Though the Romanian Government targeted the date of January 1st 2019 for euro adoption, “leu” (meaning “lion”) is still the official currency.
No matter where you end up, the locals are always friendly and extrovert and welcome visitors on all occasions.
Sibiu and Cluj-Napoca airports guarantee scheduled international flights on a daily basis.

Here are some more useful suggestions for you:

  • we found ourselves at ease at the newly-built Cluj-Napoca Apart Hotel Residence “Il Lago” what makes it worth a stay are its cleanliness, its quiet position, though within a short distance from the airport. A typical local restaurant is conveniently situated just opposite the hotel.
  • You can find an equally new and clean hotel in Sibiu, “Horeum Boutique Hotel” easy to find and within easy reach of any destination.
  • Klass Wagen” is a good car rental at a short distance from the airport: they are friendly, well organized and competitively priced.
  • You will fly “WizzAir”, the new fast-growing Bulgarian low cost airline.

Romania, travel map in Transylvania

Romania. This is the travel map in (Transylvania) We usually start from Cluj-Napoca (we could easily start from Sibiu, though). The 7 itineraries we are suggesting here below are quite intense: we strongly recommend youContinue reading…

What to see in Cluj-Napoca

What can’t you see in Cluj-Napoca (Romania)? Hoia-Baciu Forest Hoia Baciu Forest is close to Cluj-Napoca: it covers an area of 250 hectares and it is often nicknamed “The Bermuda Triangle”, because of a numberContinue reading…

Cluj-Napoca – Reghin – Sovata

From Cluj-Napoca to Sovata stopping at Reghin 147 kms/ 2hrs 40 mins. Driving towards Reghin you will be bewitched by the wonderful countryside stretching for 100 kms. Vast fields of sunflowers and corn extend asContinue reading…

From Sovata to Rupea

From Sovata to Rupea stopping at Sighișoara and Viscri 124 kms/ 2hrs. We leave Sovata behind and we reach Sighișoara This ancient stronghold, which can boast a perfectly preserved historic centre with its characteristic architecture,Continue reading…

From Rupea to Brașov

From Rupea to Brașov stopping at Racoș Volcano 87 kms/ 1hr 25 mins. Rupea Rupea’s Citadel (the castle on the rock) is well worth a visit. It’s one of the oldest archeological castle in entireContinue reading…

From Brașov to Sibiu

From Brașov to Sibiu stopping at Sona Pyramids160 kms/ 2hrs 46mins. 160 km / 2h 46’ Sona Pyramids Movilele de la Șona (Romania) We leave Brasov heading to Sibiu. On our way, we stop toContinue reading…

From Sibiu to Hunedoara

From Sibiu to Hunedoara stopping at Sarmizegetusa Regia, Saint Nicholas’ Church at Densuș and Corvinilor Castle (Romania). 185 kms/ 2hrs 50mins. We leave Sobiu early in the morning heading to Sarmizegetusa Regia Once the capitalContinue reading…

Alba Iulia and Salina Turda

Alba Iulia and Salina Turda – From Hunedoara to Cluj-Napoca, stopping at Râpa Roșie, Alba Iulia and Salina Turda 185 kms / 2hrs 50mins. Râpa Roșie (red ravine in Romenian) is five kilometres away fromContinue reading…


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