Varna in Bulgaria on the Black Sea

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Varna in Bulgaria on the Black Sea with its wonders.

On this trip we will visit enchanting places rich in history and adventure.
The old city of Nesebar, the Knight carved in the rock, the rock formations,
the petrified forest, the boat trip on the lagoon are some places of this wonderful trip suitable for the whole family.
A week to discover many attractions that you won’t forget.
The advice is to stay overnight in the surroundings of Varna starting point of various destinations.

Have we stimulated your curiosity? Enjoy your stay in Bulgaria!

Varna in Bulgaria sul Mar Nero, veduta notturna.

Varna is a Bulgarian port and seaside town on the Black Sea.

6000 year old Jewels of the Thracians  were found in a necropolis and exhibited in the archaeological museum along with other findings from ancient Greek, Roman and Ottoman cultures.

The  seaside promenade is beautiful for a stroll, with its restaurants, its beaches and the small tourist train.

You will find the pedestrian street Boulevard Slivnitsa in front of the main entrance of the Sea Garden, with shops, bars, restaurants and ice cream parlours.

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Varna, this is the map

Varna in Bulgaria – With this map we show you where you can make one-day itineraries over 7 days. Of course by car, as many of the attractions to visit are located several kilometers fromContinue reading…

What to see in Varna

Let’s find out what to see in Varna Varna’s Cathedral Varna’s Cathedral in Bulgaria is located in the city center. It’s a beautiful Orthodox cathedral well cared for both outside and inside. It looks majesticContinue reading…

Old Nesebar and Sunny Beach

A day at Old Nesebar and the seaside resort of Sunny Beach. Old Nesebar The old Nesebar is located on the Black Sea coast in the Burgas district (Bulgaria). At the time Nesebar was anContinue reading…

Wonderful Rocks and Fortress Ovech

Wonderful Rocks are natural rock formations 40-50 meters high. This phenomenon is the result of the effect of wind and water erosion on this soft limestone rock, similar to Cappadocia (Turkey). Tunnels have been dugContinue reading…

The Knight of Madara and Pliska

The Knight of Madara (Madara Rider) is located one hour from Varna (Bulgaria).  Just before, in Kaspichan you can enjoy a coffee break along a pleasant tree-lined and car-free avenue.  The Knight of Madara isContinue reading…

Petrified forest and Historical Park

20 km from Varna we visit the petrified forest. It is a natural rock formation dated millions of years ago. For its visit it’s recommended to wear closed shoes as you walk in the sand.Continue reading…

Yaylata National Archeological Reserve

At 80 km from Varna, a walk in the wild nature, Yaylata National Archeological Reserve, preserves important historical monuments and various archaeological remains. You will find a small fortress partly restored, caves located in theContinue reading…

Kamchiya Lagoon and Primorski Park

Kamchiya Lagoon is located 30 minutes from Varna. This is an experience not to be missed! A pleasant cruise on small or medium-sized boats along the river with trees on both sides immersed in waterContinue reading…

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