Visit the hidden tower

The Syvasenvaara Fell, the hidden tower in Rovaniemi … from where you can see the infinite!

The Syvasenvaara Fell

AT THE TOWER (Syvasenvaara Fell)

Park your car at the “Santa Park” where the “Arctic Tree House” hotel is located.

Follow the road that runs along the hotel, up, up, at the top where its last facilities are located.

Then leave the road and go up to the right, after 5 minutes you have reached. Climb the tower and admire the immense 360 ° panorama.

If you are at “Santa Claus Village” instead, you can reach the tower by taking a nice walk of about 30 minutes, it’s worth it!

rovaniemi-road The Syvasenvaara Fell


This Elves-themed attraction (derived from an old anti-atomic bunker) offers attractions for children.
It is open only during Christmas time and in summer.

In the pictures:
– The pedestrian street between the Santa Claus Village and the
– Elf

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